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Electrical Upgrades for Old Houses in Cache Valley

This Old House            Cache Valley is a great place to live.  It’s quiet, friendly, and uncrowded.  There’s fun things for families to do, so it’s a great place to live.  It’s also full of historic looking houses that you can move into if you want that rustic, pioneer look.  That said, if you do […]

3 Ways Generac Authorized Dealers Save You Money

Generac Authorized Dealers             Generac is the #1 best-selling backup generator brand in the United States.  Part of what makes Generac so well loved is their authorized dealers.  To make sure their customers get the best use and service, they train certain companies in everything they need to know for installation and servicing. If you’ve […]

Winter Home Improvements in Cache Valley

It’s Cold Outside Winter is almost here. As we move into the final days of autumn, the days are getting colder. Soon, the snow will fall. Temperatures for Cache Valley are predicted to be colder than last year. Good time to stay indoors, right? Winter Home Improvements When you say “home improvements,” we often think […]

Fall Electrical Safety Tips

Everybody loves fall (this statement is not backed up by any formal research, please don’t quote me on it).  The colors, the cooling temperature, the most awesome holiday ever – Halloween – What’s not to love?  But fall does have a few things you should think about when it comes to electrical safety. Check Your […]

Fall Storms and Power Outages

Power Outages The last couple of days have seen some sizable fall storms. Just Tuesday evening, the heavy winds and rain caused a power outage in the Logan area that lasted from around 9 PM to about 11:30 PM.  Rocky Moutain Power’s own Twitter account is full of tweets about recent power outages, keeping their customers up […]

7 Common Electrical Problems with Older Homes

So You Want To Buy an Older Home? Unless you pay for a unique design, construction companies tend to use the same floor plan for multiple projects.  This may save some money, but it makes so many houses feel like they come off an assembly line.  If you want a house with some personality to […]

8 Things to Consider When Buying A Generac Generator

So, You Want A Generac Generator? Maybe you’re having problems with frequent power outages.  Maybe you just want to be absolutely sure you’re covered if something goes wrong.  Either way, you’ve decided that it might be a good idea to get a backup generator for your home.  Kendrick Electric is a Generac authorized dealer with […]

Why Get A Backup Generator?

It’s 9:30 PM on a cold December night.  The sun went down hours ago and a brutal storm plasters the windows with snow.  You’re just about to put the kids to bed when you suddenly you see the lights flicker.  Everything goes dark.  Outside, the winter wind howls.  Just the sound of it makes you […]