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3 Situations Where a Backup Generator Really Helps

You Need A Backup Generator

So, maybe you’re still on the fence about getting a Generac backup generator. Maybe you think it’s not such a big deal to have an occasional power outage. There are all kinds of situations where they can be really helpful, however. If Generac being the #1 best-selling brand hasn’t sold you yet, why not hear some real stories of customers?

1. The Elderly Couple

Mary Lou of Pennsylvania and her husband live on a back road. When the power goes out, it can take a couple of days for the power company to get out there and fix things. When they were younger, they didn’t think much of it, but when her husband had medical issues that left him reliant on a feeding tube, extended power outages became a more serious problem.
This is not uncommon for elderly couples. As you get older, your health problems get more serious and you may need special equipment to help you deal with it. But that equipment is just dead weight without power.

2. The Vacationers

You often don’t think of power outages being a serious issue while you’re on vacation. After all, you’re out of town, right? That’s what Richard of New York thought. He enjoys traveling, and one year he took his family out to California for a vacation. They didn’t have any worries until they found out a hurricane had stopped all flights back east. When they returned, they found out that the power had gone out. All the food in their fridge had spoiled. Not only did they lose all that food, they had a terrible mess to clean up.
What a waste, right? A backup generator would have saved them a lot of trouble.

3. The Family Business

Greg and Ellen own their own business and they keep their office at home. The winter storms would frequently knock out the power for extended periods – sometimes days at a time. Because they ran their business out of their home, every time the power went out they lost money. Having a backup generator helped those problems.

Why We’re The Best In Cache Valley

Generac is the best-selling backup generator in America. These are just a few reasons why you might benefit from having one, but there are many others. As Generac authorized dealers, we here at Kendrick Electric are specially trained in their installation and maintenance. There are lots of ways that we can save you money on your generator purchase, including finding out about specials and deals available.

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If you want to make sure you never feel powerless, then you need a backup generator today. Get in touch with us today and see how much we can save you on an installation.

Winter In Cache Valley

Winter Home Improvements in Cache Valley

It’s Cold Outside

Winter is almost here. As we move into the final days of autumn, the days are getting colder. Soon, the snow will fall. Temperatures for Cache Valley are predicted to be colder than last year. Good time to stay indoors, right?

Winter Home Improvements

When you say “home improvements,” we often think about fixing up the yard, redoing the roof, or other outdoor chores. You do these in the summer. Winter is a great time for indoor home improvements. Whether it’s adding insulation, replacing an outdated furnace, or just a simple repainting, there are lots of things to do when it’s cold. While you’re doing these, why not consider getting a couple of electrical fixes and upgrades?

Brighten Up Your Holidays

If you’re repainting your house, why not improve the interior lighting so your holiday guests can really appreciate it? Here at Kendrick Electric, we know how to fix up your lighting. If you’ve got flickering lights, or faulty light sockets, we can repair these hassle free. We can also improve on your lighting fixtures to give you the best quality of interior lighting possible.

New Fixtures for New Improvements

If you live in an older home in Cache Valley, you probably have older lighting fixtures. Sure, they work, but technology has improved a lot since your house was built. Old style fixtures and their light bulbs use up lots of power. Why have that extra expense on your electricity bill? Give us a call and let us switch out your old lighting for brand new LED appropriate fixtures. While you can buy LED bulbs and use them in old sockets (sometimes), older fixtures are sized for older, larger light bulbs. LED bulbs don’t look quite right in them. Let us replace them for you.

GeneracGet A Backup Generator

What good is new interior lighting if the power goes out? While you’re fixing up your lighting, why not consider getting a Generac backup generator? As the only Generac Authorized dealer in Cache Valley, we can deliver, install, and provide routine maintenance for the #1 best-selling backup generator in the United States. With a backup generator, you’ll never have to worry about losing power during a winter storm. Enjoy the comfort of your new improved interior lighting in the cozy warmth of your home while the winter wind blows outside.

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Whether you want a new generator, improved interior lighting, or just need some quick repairs done, Kendrick Electric has you covered. If you live anywhere in Cache Valley, we’ll pull up in our van and fix you right up. We’ve got the skills to handle all your electrical needs.  Get in touch and see how we can help you today.

Older House

7 Common Electrical Problems with Older Homes

So You Want To Buy an Older Home?

Older HomeUnless you pay for a unique design, construction companies tend to use the same floor plan for multiple projects.  This may save some money, but it makes so many houses feel like they come off an assembly line.  If you want a house with some personality to it, you might consider buying an older home.  Older houses have a rustic charm to them that you often don’t see in modern buildings.

It’s not all glam and glitz, though.  Older homes have unique problems to deal with.  If you are going to buy an older home, you should be aware of the kinds of electrical problems you can run into.

Insubstantial Power

The power needs of modern homes have changed considerably over the years, as have the codes and regulations.  In the “good, old days,” contractors built houses with just enough power to run the basic needs.  It wasn’t much compared to the high-energy demands of today.  If you buy an older home, it might not be equipped to handle your needs and this can lead to all sorts of electrical problems.  You may find the lights flickering as soon as you turn on any appliance.   Be sure to have your home examined by an electrician before you buy it to find out if it meets your needs.  It might be worth it to upgrade it (if possible).

Old Wiring

With old houses comes old wiring.  Rats and other pests can damage the insulation, or it can simply deteriorate over time.  Once the wiring gets exposed, you’re at risk for all kinds of problems.  The biggest risk is fire.  Stray sparks from an exposed wire can turn the old walls into a bonfire in minutes.  When buying an old home, it’s best to replace the wiring to be safe.

Lack of Proper Grounding

Older homes often lack ground-fault circuit interrupters. As a result, running more than one appliance at a time could cause your fuses to start popping.  While older fuse boxes are usually safe, they won’t be able to handle a modern energy load.  The easiest and best solution is to have an electrician upgrade the fuse box to a circuit breaker panel.

Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob and Tube WiringReally old homes, especially those built before the 30s, often used knob and tube wiring in their construction.  This consists of open wiring running through tubes in the walls held up by knobs.  These materials deteriorate with age, creating a high risk of fire.  You cannot install new insulation over the wiring, so be sure to have your electrician replace these bygone relics.

Backstabbed Wiring

At the back of every outlet and switch in any building is a terminal for securing wires to it.  If you look, you’ll see holes where wires can be stabbed through, as well as the terminals for wrapping wires around.  In a lot of older homes, it is common for the wiring to be stabbed through. It’s faster and cheaper, but it’s easier for the wires to come undone, posing a fire hazard.  Be sure to check that all the outlet wiring is properly secured before moving in.

Bad DIY Projects

The older a house is, the more people are likely to have lived there.  Every homeowner tries to do some upgrades to their house on their own, even when they really should get a professional.  If you’re buying a house that others have lived in, you’ll probably find remnants of DIY projects that didn’t turn out quite right.  The most common DIY screw-ups occur in the wiring and the plumbing. If you find something in your new home isn’t quite right, call a professional to take a look rather than trying to fix it yourself.  In the long run, it will save you time and money.

Flickering or Dim Bulbs

You might think flickering and dim bulbs are normal for old houses.  While you will get this from time to time, you definitely shouldn’t think it’s normal for it to occur regularly.  This is often a sign of a problem in the wiring and could even indicate a fire hazard. If your lights flicker like the house is haunted, don’t ignore it; have a professional check it out as soon as you can.  It might just save your house from burning down.

Call the Professionals

Buying an older home is always a fixer-upper project.  There’s no way around it.  You might be looking to save money on the repairs and that’s understandable, but never let money concerns override good sense. Older homes have unique electrical problems that you need to resolve before you move in and it’s better to get it done right the first time.  You may balk at the expense of a professional, but it will be more expensive to do it wrong the first time and have to have it fixed later.  This is especially true if the first time you realize you’ve done it wrong is when a room goes up in flames.

Don’t take chances when buying old homes.   Get in touch with us first.  Let us look over and fix up the place before you move in.  We can make sure that the house is up to standard and fix up what isn’t.  An initial expense when you first buy it could save you a lot of money – and stress – in the long run.