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Electrical Upgrades for Old Houses in Cache Valley

This Old House

old house upgrades           Cache Valley is a great place to live.  It’s quiet, friendly, and uncrowded.  There’s fun things for families to do, so it’s a great place to live.  It’s also full of historic looking houses that you can move into if you want that rustic, pioneer look.  That said, if you do by an old house, you may need some electrical upgrades.

Why Upgrade My House?

The old houses in Cache Valley are very nice, but old houses often have problems due to the time they were built.  Their power supply is often substandard, as there was less need for electricity in the past as there is today.  The wiring is often old and no longer up to safety standards, which leaves you vulnerable to fire and sends your home insurance rates through the roof.  Overall, while you can live just fine in an older home, a few simple upgrades can make living even more convenient – not to mention safe!

Here are a few to consider.


1. Upgrade Old Wiring

Knob and Tube Wiring           Faulty wiring is one of the leading causes of house fires.  The older your house, the greater the chances your wiring is unsafe.  Old homes don’t fall under current safety laws, meaning you can get away with the old wiring, but while you can, that’s no reason to think you should.  Whether it’s the old knob and tube wiring of the early 20 century, or the cheap aluminum wiring of the 60s and 70s, it’s a good idea to have an electrician check up on it and make sure it’s safe.  If it’s not, you ought to have it replaced as soon as you can.  There’s no reason to pay good money for a nice-looking, rustic house only to have it burn down a few months later.


2. Grounding

Another fire hazard that is easily corrected is adding proper grounding.  All electrical equipment has at least two wires, the hot wire and the neutral wire. However, new equipment will also have a third wire for grounding.  This helps prevent faults.  While things might work fine without a grounding wire, having one is a great way to reduce the chances of fires.


3. System Upgrades

Older houses have older power systems. Specifically, they tend to have fuse boxes rather than circuit breakers.  While these work fine, fuses have a tendency to blow out in power surges. There’s nothing more irritating than to have to go replace a fuse in the dark.  Upgrading to a proper circuit breaker will prevent such blow-outs by shutting off the area of the house that experiences a power surge capable of burning out the fuses.  When this happens, it’s a simple matter of flipping a switch to turn it back on.


4. Installing Additional Outlets

In the old times when Cache Valley’s rustic houses were being built, electricity was often considered a luxury.  As such, old houses that have electrical systems often have very few power outlets.  A room may have two plugs and no more, and some rooms might not even have any.  This may have been good enough for our ancestors, who had maybe a lamp and a TV and nothing more, but with all the electrical devices we use today, this is completely inadequate.  If you need more plugs, we can install them for you.


5. Improve Your Lighting

Old homes are dark.  Usually, the indoor lighting is small and it’s a surprise if there’s any outdoor lighting at all.  While we’re upgrading your systems, why not let us improve your lighting?  Whether it’s interior, or exterior lighting, we can do it all.  We’ll light up your life, as the saying goes.  No more having to worry about walking from your car to the porch in darkness, risking a fall when you trip over something you couldn’t see.  No more stumbling in the dimness of your basement.  We’ll make sure you can see everything!



backup generator, Cache County, Utah

While we’re upgrading, we can also install a Generac Backup Generator.  These #1 best-selling generators will prevent power outages by turning on the instant the power grid goes down.  This lets you keep enjoying the benefits of electricity during all those storms or brownouts that turn the rest of the neighborhood dark.  This also helps protect your home from power surges, which can save you money on electrical repairs in the future.


Get In Touch

Have you been convinced yet?  If you have, then get in touch with us.  We’re ready to help you upgrade your homes for whatever reason, be it safety concerns, or you just want the increased convenience of modern electrical systems.  We’ll do it all.

Authorized dealers

3 Ways Generac Authorized Dealers Save You Money

Generac Authorized Dealers

Authorized dealers            Generac is the #1 best-selling backup generator brand in the United States.  Part of what makes Generac so well loved is their authorized dealers.  To make sure their customers get the best use and service, they train certain companies in everything they need to know for installation and servicing.

If you’ve been thinking about installing a Generac Generator, you should go through an authorized dealer, like us.  We can save you money on the purchase in three major ways.

1. Deals and Specials

Generac likes to offer special deals.  Usually about once a quarter, they put out a new deal available to everybody who buys a new generator during their deal period. These deals are not always made clear on their website, but as a Generac authorized dealer, we know what those deals are.  If you come to us, we not only can tell you what they are, but when they are available and how to take advantage of them.  These deals can save you up to a thousand dollars.

2. Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a necessity if you want your generator to last.  The generator will have a lot of moving parts and any of them could potentially wear out. With regular maintenance, an authorized dealer can spot these problems before they happen.  We can fine tune the generator to keep it working properly, so that the parts don’t wear out, and replace any that do.  If you get an extended warranty, you are required to have your annual maintenance done by an authorized dealer to keep the warranty valid. The warranty, both regular and extended – also covers your maintenance, but only if an authorized dealer performs it.

3. Repairs

Again, if you have the extended warranty, repairs have to be done by an authorized dealer, but even without it, the authorized dealer is the better choice.  As we work exclusively with the Generac brand, we know the machines inside and out. We are familiar with all the parts and all the ways they can potentially go bad.  We know where to get the right parts and can get them cheaper than non-authorized dealers.

When we do the work, we do it fast.  Extensive knowledge of the equipment allows authorized dealers to get the work done quickly, saving you both time and money. Don’t forget, with the extended warranty, the repairs are covered, so that saves you BIG money.

Trust Kendrick Electric

There’s no one better than Kendrick Electric for all your electrical needs.  If you’re thinking about installing a backup generator, then as Cache Valley’s only authorized dealer, we’re the best company to ask about Generac products and services.  We’ll save you big money on installation, maintenance and repairs.  Get in touch with us today and see how a backup generator save you lots of worry without breaking your bank account.  For more information on what you should know before buying, check out our article here.